Metal Separator

METAL DETECTION SYSTEM is designed to inspect any free flowing bulk powder or granular materials like grains. Pellets, flakes etc. Any free flowing materials may be passed through the vertical drop system.
Material flows flow from feeder hopper in the pipe and falls by gravity, all metals will get separated from the material by metal sensing mechanism.
All the material contact parts are made of Stainless Steel to avoid contaminations.

High speed reject valve diverts ferrous, non-errrous and S S contamination from the main flow, the reject valve is made of Stainless Steel (304) and is electrically / pneumatically operate.

A metal detector, sensitivity is usually defined as the diameter of the smallest size sphere, which is always detected.

Magnet have limitations, it separates only ferrous (Iron particles) but All metal detector seperates ferrous (Iron) / Non Ferrous (Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, S.S. etc)

-> Proven in Plastics, Food processing, Chemical, -> Pharma, Textile & Rubber industries.
-> High sensitivity & Reliable, low cost operation.
-> Easy to install and Operate
-> Auto reject mechanism
-> All contact parts are made from stainless steel.
-> Digital Control
-> Vibration and Sock Proof
-> 100% Indigenous
-> Low maintenance and High performance.